Apple TV+ series 'Defending Jacob' available on Blu-Ray and DVD

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Now available to purchase on Blu-Ray or DVD, "Defending Jacob" is the first Apple TV+ offering to get a physical disc release.

"Defending Jacob" is a psychological thriller that stars Chris Evans as a lawyer whose teenaged son is accused of murdering a classmate. The limited-run series premiered in April of 2020 and wrapped up the following month.

First spotted by 9to5Mac, the series now has a physical disc release. The existence of the discs suggests that Apple allows production partners to retain certain rights, such as physical media distribution.

Those interested can head to Amazon and snag the series for $19.96 on DVD, and $34.99 for Blu-Ray.

In May of 2020, third-party data showed that "Defending Jacob" was likely the closest thing the streaming service had to a breakout hit at the time.

"Defending Jacob" wasn't always going to be a series -- it was initially slated to be a film. However, Showrunner Mark Bomback felt that the story would need to be longer to do justice to the original book.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    Umm WHAT?

    When Apple TV+ first launched I thought the content was all Apple’s and produced/funded by Apple. I was shocked when I played a video and it said “Sony”, gave me a weird feeling of fragmentation.
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