Apple introduces 'This Week On Apple Music' to highlight exclusive content

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Apple has launched "This Week On Apple Music," a curated content list and video series that is updated every Friday to showcase exclusive content on the platform.

'This Week On Apple Music' shares exclusive content every week
'This Week On Apple Music' shares exclusive content every week

There are hundreds of pieces of exclusive content released every week on Apple Music, and Apple hopes to make finding it easier with a new curated series called "This Week On Apple Music." Users can find the section within the Apple Music app or by using Apple's "This Week" URL.

There will be a new video hosted by a famous musician each Friday. The short video will showcase new and exclusive Apple Music content listed in the new section found in the "Browse" tab.

Introducing #ThisWeekOnAppleMusic.

Every Friday, get a break down of the five biggest things happening across Apple Music, and dive deeper into the highlighted stories with albums, playlists, videos, radio episodes, and more.

Catch up now:

-- Apple Music (@AppleMusic)

The highlights shared on Friday's landing page include a new BTS playlist, an interview with Jennifer Lopez, and a short film about an upcoming musician. There is also a section for featured albums and radio shows at the bottom.

As with other Apple Music features, Apple doesn't appear to have any formal navigation to "This Week On Apple." AppleInsider staff could only find the landing page by navigating to the "This Week" URL shared on Twitter.

It is unclear if Apple will provide historical access to its video series and content or if it will only exist for the week it is published. However, Apple Music will share the weekly series via its Twitter profile and the Apple Music "Browse" tab.

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