Did Apple leak the M1 16-inch MacBook Pro? -- This Week in Apple

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For the latest "This Week in Apple," we examine Apple's supposed mistaken leak of the M1 16-inch MacBook Pro, the release of iOS 14.7, rumors around the iPhone 13, and more.

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16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon, gold iPhone 13, and more

This week, we saw a mistake on the German Apple website that seemingly referred to an M1-equipped version of Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro. This seems unlikely, however, and we break down why it was probably an error than a real leak in this week's video.

We also talk about new rumors that point to Apple releasing a bronze-like gold iPhone 13 Pro for this fall. Apple has released special colors for the "pro" models before, but this is the first we've heard of a new bronze colorway.

Speaking of upcoming iPhones, it was also reiterated that we can expect a 5G-capable iPhone SE in early 2022.

Other news this week revolved around Apple releasing iOS 14.7 to the public, as well as the initial shipments of MagSafe Battery Pack reaching customers.



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    Hope not. The new iPhone is nearly here - and with it an improved SOC. the M1 is great for an Air or smaller notebook or consumer level iPad. 

    For the heavy iron notebook and iMac, we need more.  

    Especially where GPU, RAM, I/O, and throughput is concerned. 

    Personally in the market to replace an iMac 5k and MacBook Pro. 

    Used to do a ton of illustrator,photoshop, and InDesign. But now, video editing and After Effects areindispensible parts of my workflow as well. 

    Despite what some may say, we really DO NEED the above mentioned improvements. 

    Hopefully previous “leak” was a mistake. As good as the M1 is, it’s too limited in some important categories. 

    Apple has a ton of momentum with the m1 and seemed ripe to completelyupend the market but the limitations have tempered that a bit. With a monster m series (and not limited to Mac pro thst would suck) there would be nothing holding anyone back. 

    An miseries with serious GPU, 128 gb RAM, and generous I/O would be a dream. Hope it becomes reality sooner than later. 
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    I suppose they could put a M1 in the absolute lowest tier of the 16" MacBook Pro ... for those who want a bigger screen space and better speakers at the absolute lowest price. After all, computationally the M1 SoC is stronger than the 16" Intel version.

    I'm looking to get a mini-LED model with 32 GB, 2 TB SSD, and an M1x with 32 GPU cores (if possible) to replace my 2019 which I sold prior to WWDC.

    Still waiting ... <sigh>. That's what I get for listening too much to the rumor mill.
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