Apple stock dip despite record earnings & Intel Mac Pro rumors - This Week in Apple

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On the newest "This Week in Apple," we break down Apple's recent earnings including why Apple's stock dipped, talk about the latest Intel Mac Pro rumors, and more.

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Apple's earnings, Intel Mac Pro, new betas, and more

The early part of this week revolved around Apple's 2021 Q1 earnings, for which the company shattered expectations. Apple raked in more than $81 billion during the quarter, outpacing predictions by almost $10 billion.

Despite this, in after-hours trading, Apple's shares still seemed to tumble. We break down what product categories make up Apple's massive cash haul and why investors were seemingly unimpressed.

We also talk about a new rumor around the Mac Pro and why the tech behemoth may be readying yet one more Intel machine. Other news this week revolved around Apple releasing the latest beta of iOS 15 and Apple's continued crackdown on leakers in China.



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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,380member
    Having held AAPL since the start of this century I can attest this dipping on good news is par for the course for Apple shares.
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    Apple has the unfortunate conundrum that any news is bad news.

    Apple makes less money: they're doomed.

    Apple makes a ton of money: it can't continue.

    There really just no winning, and you can only invest in Apple for the long haul because there's no telling what today's news cycle will bring, and how analysts and the market will react.
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    scatzscatz Posts: 17member
    Had aapl sine dec 2000 and also can confirm that even ridiculously good results still result in a brief share fall after the announcement. Gotta laugh !
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