Apple Music, iTunes Store, App Store hit by very brief outage on July 31

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A number of Apple Music, App Store, and iTunes users encountered issues with the online services on July 31, problems Apple was aware of and rectified quickly.

Posts to social media including Twitter indicate there were issues with three major Apple services, including iTunes, Apple Music, and the App Store. Tweets have been posted saying that there were problems listening to music and downloading apps.

Checks of DownDetector by iMore indicated issues with all three services started on Saturday afternoon at around 1 pm eastern time. It also appeared the three services went down at around the same time, though it is unclear how many people were actually affected.

Apple's System Status page advised there were ongoing outages for both the iTunes Store and the App Store, with both said to be "slow or unavailable," and that "some users are affected." Apple Music was not flagged by Apple as enduring an outage at the time of original publication.

Both services were also affected by an earlier outage that caused slow and spotty access from Thursday until Friday, which may be connected to the latest situation.

Update: An update to the System Status page showed the two outages as resolved at 1:07 pm eastern time. The outage lasted around 15 minutes according to Apple.

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    Is this two times in one week? Apple NetAdmin updates not being implemented properly? Cloud provider company's NetAdmins not implementing updates properly? Something nefarious from the outside (a la anarchists cutting the backbone fiber cables into California's Bay Area a few years back)?

    Either way, if this is two times in a short span, the culprit needs to be identified and changed. (my Apple Music hasn't been down - the only Apple service I've been running today, FWIW). 
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 2,006member
    For sure, Apple will not disclose the details about the underlying cause of the outage. So speculating about it is pretty pointless.

    Whining about it is not pointless.
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