Apple's online storefront is temporarily offline [u]

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The online Apple Store was taken offline Tuesday afternoon, with the webpage and Apple Store app both displaying a familiar "Be right back" message that typically appears just prior to a product launch.

Apple Store

Apple Store downtimes usually result in new products being loaded into the storefront, though Apple has in the past taken the store offline briefly for routine maintenance.

Apple has not announced what changes will take effect when the store returns.

The iPhone maker is rumored to release a slate of major devices this fall, including 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro variants with M1 chips, a redesigned iPad mini, revamped 10.2-inch iPad and next-generation AirPods. New "iPhone 13" and "Apple Watch Series 7" models are practically guaranteed to debut.

Most hardware releases predicted for this fall will likely be consolidated into one or two press events, not leaving much for a random Tuesday in August. It should also be noted that Apple's store rarely goes down when minor accessories like watch bands are stocked for sale.

This post will be updated when the online Apple Store returns.

Update: The store was back online in about an hour with a major redesign.

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    And in the UK too.
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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,477member
    Germany, as well. 
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,761member
    I’m not seeing a major redesign at all here. It looks exactly the same, website and app. 

    Edit: never mind
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    mobirdmobird Posts: 748member
    Maybe they are adding Ted Lasso SWAG.../s
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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 1,851member
    Interestingly, the Apple “store” page is a “this page can’t be found” error page. Then the AI page for the article “Apple introduces redesigned online store…” also yields a “500 Whoah, something went wrong on our end” error page. 
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    This is redesign is not very good. Here are two things I immediately noticed..

    1. When I look at it in full screen with Safari on my 27 inch iMac there is an empty space of about a quarter of the screen width on the left hand side. This gets filled up when I click on the arrow at the right, but only for the row I click on.

    2. When my pointer is in line with one of the rows of clickable links which extends off the screen the mouse wheel does not scroll the page. It doesn't have to be over one of the links - it can be on the blank area at the left. Once I move the pointer away from the row, scrolling with the wheel works again until the it arrives in line with another raw.

    I see a lack of adequate testing here. A policy of "it works on my computer so it must be OK". Similar to "it compiled so it must work" in computer programming.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    What? No iCar announced? /s
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