Spotify backtracks, AirPlay 2 coming after all

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Spotify will support AirPlay 2 in the future, after the streaming music service issued a correction on a representative's claim development of the feature was being paused.

On Friday, a Spotify forum post about AirPlay 2 blew up, as it appeared the company was delaying work on adding support to its service. In an update on Saturday, Spotify now claims it will still support AirPlay 2 in the future.

The original forum post involved a Spotify representative advising work on the addition was paused "for now" due to compatibility issues with the audio driver. According to the representative, Spotify apparently saw it as a "bigger project that we won't be able to complete in the forseeable future."

In Saturday's forum post update, a response attempted to apologize for confusion caused to its users. "To clarify, Spotify will support AirPlay 2," the message reads, with further advice that further updates would be posted when they became available.

The status of the feature has also been reverted from "Case Closed" to "Live Idea."

The forum post backtrack is the latest incident in Spotify's attempts to play nice with the operator of its main rival, Apple Music. As well as complaining about unfairness in treatment between the two services by Apple, Spotify has also been slow to implement new features aimed at Apple users.

In the case of AirPlay 2 support, Apple enabled third-party access to the feature in 2018. In 2019, Spotify refused assistance from Apple in getting the feature working, and for it to work with Siri, reportly only responding to Apple's queries with "working on it."

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    itinj24itinj24 Posts: 51member
    Damage Control…  I’m sure nothing’s really changed. Curious how many subscriptions were canceled since the original announcement.  
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 2,768member
    Oh gee

    i thought there were insurmountable “technical issues”

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    iadlibiadlib Posts: 96member
    Derp derp derp
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    Good. So far so good. 
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    Well played Spotify, they got in on free media. Very Elon Musk move...
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    Spotify who? I stopped using them when I found out they pay artists a fraction of what other services pay...
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    ... will still support AirPlay 2 in the future

    lol... what? 2037? ... sometime after Airplay v5 is the standard?
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