'Donda' on iTunes releases August 22 (maybe), no sign on Apple Music

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Kanye West's upcoming album "Donda" is still a no-show despite multiple launch events and delays, and is now showing a possible August 22 release.

Kanye West 'Donda' still nowhere to be found
Kanye West 'Donda' still nowhere to be found

While Apple hasn't announced any exclusive streaming deal with Kanye West, it has played a significant role in the new album's promotion. Two live streaming events have been held on the platform, shattering records for the service, yet the album itself still isn't available.

The only indication of an imminent release was discovered on iTunes by AppleInsider staff. Previously, the album showed an August 13 release date, but that has since been changed to August 22.

The album on iTunes doesn't necessarily have to release at the same time as it is released on streaming services, but that has previously been the case. Apple has made no official announcement regarding the album nor its release.

The second track of the album titled "Hurricane" has appeared on iTunes. No other tracks have been revealed in the 24-track album.

Release dates have shifted on 'Donda' to August 22
Release dates have shifted on 'Donda' to August 22

The first live stream held on July 22 broke Apple Music records with 3.3 million viewers tuned in. The bizarre event featured several artists, but Kanye West himself was two hours late and said nothing.

The second live stream event for the "Donda" launch was held on August 5 and broke records yet again. The silent video stream had 5.4 million viewers despite the odd way it was presented.

"Donda" will be Kanye West's tenth studio album, and it is named after his late mother. The confusing launch cycle for the album is due, in part, to it being incomplete. Those familiar with West say he "wants to give his fans the best possible product without rushing anything."

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    You really shouldn't give this clown any more attention than he already gets. 
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    I could never identify one of his songs. Don’t even know who he is.
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    Why give any news on Kanye? He’s a fool.
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    Kanye has a dual diagnosis: Asshole and Schizophrenia. Yes, you can be one and have the other. Evidence: he’s an asshole even when he’s on his meds. 
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    You obviously have me confused with someone who gives a sh!t.
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    Regardless of how one feels about Kanye - If the listening party streaming events are wildily popular and shattering recrods (including tens of millions of dollars of in-person) merch sales), why not delay the album and have more listening party streaming events? Seems like that's the strategy. He literally decided to set up shop in the venue to continue work on the album. I imagine if millions of people were holding their breath in adoration with wallets open, considering my every unusual move "genius" I'd be full of unusual moves. The album will come out the moment the curve on the hype starts to dip
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