Users lobby 1Password to abandon new Electron version



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    mwhitemwhite Posts: 287member
    dewme said:
    mwhite said:
    If I was to go from 1Password to another password manager how do I take all my saved passwords to a new manager? Thanks for any help.

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    markbyrnmarkbyrn Posts: 661member
    I'm using the beta on an M1 Macbook Pro and checking the activity monitor, there's nothing to suggest it's resource-intensive.  It's also optimized for the M1 running natively.  
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    maltzmaltz Posts: 428member
    Eric_WVGG said:
    maltz said:
    1Password is by far my favorite password manager, and I use it heavily across Mac, iOS, and Windows.  But they have long had a VERY dismissive attitude towards user requests, and the difficulty of outright buying the app instead of subscribing is also pretty off-putting.
    Funny that you mention that… just two weeks ago I submitted a feature request to add "MFA Passwords" to the Categories section. MFA autofill is hit-or-miss, I wanted the ability to just look up MFAs quickly without having to type in "a-m-a-z-o-" to find them.

    The respondent from 1Password was… yeah, dismissive is the right word. Told me that 1Password does MFA. "yes obviously." Told me that there's already a list of passwords, and that it's searchable. "yup, got that." Told me that I could copy an MFA password by tapping on it. "yes. if you tap on it in the right place… that's a separate thing, never mind." Told me that it does MFA autofill. "most of the time." sigh

    In case you didn't know, whenever 1Password autofills name/password for a site, it also puts the MFA code on the clipboard.  So even if it doesn't autofill, you can at least quickly paste it, if it doesn't expire in the interim.  At least it does on the desktop clients, I use it much less frequently in iOS for things that require MFA.
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    I've been using 1P since version 2.
    This is a complete downgrade, 1P6 was the best version.
    I will wait a year until my subscription is up and then look to move to… I don't know, I guess sticky notes.
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