New Apple Dadeland location now open in Miami

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Apple opened its latest retail outlet in the U.S. on Thursday, with Apple Dadeland in Miami, Fla., moving from an indoor mall storefront to a new outdoor location that better represents the chain's architectural aesthetic.

Apple Dadeland
Source: 9to5Mac

The Dadeland move was made official earlier in August, with Apple announcing plans to transition into a new space in Dadeland Mall.

Apple Dadeland has both exterior and interior entrances, with an outdoor facade boasting all the trappings typically associated with a modern Apple Store, reports 9to5Mac.

Like other Apple retail locations, the Dadeland store features an all-glass front flanked by limestone walls and covered by a cantilevered roof. The roof and front windows are slightly bowed to complement the mall's design, while metal bollards line the sidewalk to protect the glass facade.

Inside, an open plan sales floor is dotted with tree planters that feature integrated leather seating, while similarly leather-clad wooden benches offer ample space to sit. Apple's usual product display tables line the front of the store and are positioned near tables dedicated to support and learning. The Forum plays host to a giant custom-built screen and is centrally located in the spacious interior.

The location is now open to walk-in visitors, though masks may be required. Apple recently restored mask requirements for employees at its retail outlets and continues to follow safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    I suspect (or at least hope) that they were simply moving to higher ground.
    Miami, on average is only a little over 6 feet above sea level -- which is rising and has waves higher than that.

    It's a bit like being in a sinking boat -- although the boat is not sinking but the sea rising.  But, in the end, the result is effectively the same.
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