Microsoft updates CPU requirements for Windows 11



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    A nod to Parallels: Bootcamp is a lot less necessary now you can run DX 12 apps in a VM. I tested Grand Theft Auto V running in Windows 11 via Parallels 17 on an M1 Mac Mini. It is quite playable. There were a few graphics glitches in the far distance but everything else looked fine. The x86 emulation is being done using Windows 11 rather than Rosetta in Mac OS but the performance was acceptable. The TPM 2 requirement is emulated via a hardware setting you add to the Windows 11 VM. As far as Windows is concerned, the Parallels VM is a fully compatible computer.

    If it can run GTA there is probably little that it cannot do.
    While it's unfortunate that it would require a subscription, it does provide a backup plan for those who buy a Mac and later are told by their school or employer that they have to run a Windows only program.

    But what is really unfortunate is that Apple Store reps probably won't know about it -- so potential customers won't be told about the option.

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    dewme said:
    dewme said:
    The times windows is actually needed these days is nearly 0. 

    Most developers realize that Mac users are a lucrative base and it’s just lazy now to not have apps that span operating systems and platforms. 

    Outside of very rare cases, the only time you need windows is if your in-house developer is old snd was last educated in their field 20 years ago and didn’t keep learning. 

    These “requirements” MS has introduced are to create an artificial divide between the Mac. 

    And that’s fine. The Mac is so much better and people know this already. MS is just hurting themselves. 

    I’ve had the privilege of working with two organizations that transitioned the entirety of their computing infrastructure to Mac OS, from accounting, to creative departments, to project management, to reception, to CRM. 

    If there must be a choice made, it will be Mac OS. 

    Windows is antiquated. Let it die already. 
    Windows is still in very wide use in several industries and critical businesses. I’ve yet to encounter Macs being used in manufacturing, industrial automation, DCS systems, process control, food processing, oil & gas, automobile manufacturing, large scale brewing, pharmaceuticals, water and waste water treatment, power generation, communication networks, point of sale systems, package shipping and handling, just to name a tiny sample of places where Windows plays an active role every single day. I've worked directly with at least one company that makes wafer fab processing and testing machinery and they were firmly entrenched in Windows, as were a couple of big beer breweries that I spent time working with Windows based SCADA and HMI systems. 

    Seeing how Windows has a role to play in helping to bring the chips that power my Apple computers to market, keep beer in my local supermarket, and keep the water flowing in my house I’d say that it’s death would be nothing short of a catastrophic event for maintaining the quality of life as those of us in developed countries have come to rely on. 

    I don’t know where you live, but all of the things I mentioned above, without even getting into financial, banking, or commerce, aren’t exactly what I’d consider “antiquated.” I kinda like having electricity, running water, cold beer, cars, food, medicines, internet access, a shiny new Mac, flushing toilets, and being able to take a shower every day. Call me old fashioned. 
    I absolutely don’t agree. In nearly all of the domains mentioned here, I’ve found people using Macs and iOS devices. I think your analysis is flawed. It’s not about the domains, but rather the specific areas within each domain.

    I notice a strong relation in industry between innovation intense areas and usage of Apple products. In the same way, I see an equally strong relation between process/manufacturing intense areas and Microsoft usage.

    Most business domains and companies have both of these activity areas. However, in general, there is a huge business shift towards innovation and away from factory activities eg processing and manufacturing. So, I anticipate either a growing adoption of Apple devices in these incumbent industries, or that Microsoft suddenly becomes a “creative” company.
    I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

    Innovation is all about applying inventions, technology, engineering, and application of various processes in ways that deliver value to people and the environments in which they live.

    So I’d really like to hear about all these business shifts that are “innovative” but somehow decoupled from a value delivery process that brings value into the lives of real people.

    Who said anything about not delivering value? It’s the basics of all innovation.

    One of the most important ways to do this is to create a great user experience. The money will always come after that.

    Since you admit you don’t understand the logic here, I will dumb it down for you:
    UX people and designers use Apple devices — wherever they are.
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    So anyone have Android apps running in Windows 11 on Mac virtualization?  ;)  
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