Apple TV+ original 'On the Rocks' hits Blu-Ray and DVD on Oct. 26

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Apple TV+ comedy "On the Rocks" will be the streaming service's first original film to see physical release, with the movie set for distribution by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

On the Rocks

Blu-Ray and DVD listings for "On the Rocks" began to pop up on Monday with a release date of Oct. 26. Pre-orders are now live on Amazon and other outlets.

Rumors of a physical release were reported by Screentimes' Sigmund Judge last week and confirmed on Monday.

Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, "On the Rocks" stars Bill Murray, Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans, and was one of Apple's first major efforts as it pushed into the streaming market. The film also marked Apple's first collaboration with A24 after inking a multi-year agreement with the Oscar-winning studio.

"On the Rocks" follows the story of a young New York mother (Jones) who faces doubts about her marriage. She joins forces with her father (Murray) to surveil her husband (Wayans) in what is billed as a "bittersweet comedy about relationships."

After a premiere at the New York Film Festival in 2020, Apple mounted an unsuccessful effort to secure Oscar nominations for Coppola, Murray and Jones.

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    The movie is entertaining enough, but not a keeper, in my opinion.

    However, if they are doing a physical release, I think they should also do a 4K disc.
    I mean, even Criterion have gotten onto the 4K bandwagon finally!
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    Long-term, offering Apple TV+ content in other formats, like releasing it on disc, will generate more revenue. Getting into the content production game is really low risk for Apple regardless of what ultimately happens to the streaming service. Even if the streaming service were to falter, the content created will be potential sources of revenue through other means, be it releasing it on disc, selling it to another streaming service, and so on. I think Apple TV+ will do just fine in the long run but there was never that big a risk to Apple in giving it a try. Good and/or popular content is valuable. 
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