Apple releases new marketing tools for developers

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App developers can use a new Apple web tool to generate promotional images on the fly for app marketing.

This marketing image was made using Apple's simple web tool
This marketing image was made using Apple's simple web tool

The new marketing tool generates images using four templates, three colors, and different image sizes. Simply select the platform and search for any app to make multiple social media-friendly images.

Apple shared the new marketing tool in a developer update. It can be accessed via the Apple media services website and doesn't need an account for access.

Templates include promoting a new app, app update, subscription offer, or new offer. The text and formatting are not customizable, though a background color can be selected from light, dark, or blue.

Developers can choose between a square post, story post, landscape banner ad, portrait banner ad, or link card preview. After selecting the template options, the marketing assets are available via download, link, or short link.

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    New app alert. Don't mind the ones that blatantly copied you and have a scammy subscription that we let in anyway, while we give you trouble when you want to update.
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