Photo reveals Apple's plastic wrap-free iPhone 13 packaging



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    rygar said:
    Apple doesn't give two hoots about the environment. Can't replace the battery without visiting an Apple store or sending it off. Most people don't bother so they buy a new phone if their old one isn't holding charge. Solder everything to the motherboard to make it as difficult as possible for the user to upgrade. Must buy a mac with a screen or buy an overpriced mac mini. The list goes on. Apple trying to claim being friendly to the environment is laughable at best and a sick joke at worst.
    All nonsense, of course. iPhones have a longer useful lifespan, they are often resold or traded in for refurbishment, and they are extremely recyclable, which Apple will do for you. 

    Removable batteries are worse for the environment — they accumulate in drawers and then get tossed into the trash. 

    My all-in-one iMac lasted 8 years of full-time use. By the time I replaced it even the display was outdated. This is far longer than any work-issued Windows PC. 

    Mini isn’t overpriced. If you can’t afford one you aren’t in the game. Save your allowance.

    Greenpeace and other bodies have recognized Apple for its recycling efforts, reductions in waste, renewable energy initiatives, etc. You’re just stuck inside your own head with a narrative you wrote. 
    As opposed to the entire device getting tossed in the trash if you can’t remove the battery? hmmm…which is worse for the environment?

    Replaceable batteries, which  are removable by definition, are definitely better for the environment. (One should qualify that by saying easily replaceable batteries.) Apple’s batteries are replaceable. I don’t know if you can call them easily replaceable, but at least they can be replaced.

    As I’ve said before, the best thing you can do for the environment is not buy a device in the first place. Barring that, buying a durable device and keeping it longer is best. Apple’s devices have, in general, a significantly longer usable lifespan than many of it’s competitors. They also tend to break down less frequently. Both of these help to offset the somewhat higher initial device cost and make them more environmentally friendly. 

    Do I think Apple can do better? Absolutely. Part of being environmentally friendly is designing products that can be serviced. I this area, Apple falls behind. (The butterfly keyboards on MBPs are a good example.) Still they do far better than a lot of companies and as I said above, even ‘small’ changes like the plastic shrink wrap make a difference so kudos to them for doing this.
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