Trailer for Apple TV+ film 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks debuts

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The new Tom Hanks post-apocalypse adventure "Finch" gets its first trailer, premiering November 5 on Apple TV+.

'Finch' gets its first trailer
'Finch' gets its first trailer

Apple's second Tom Hanks film is about a man and his dog in a post-apocalypse earth. The main character played by Hanks, Finch, wants to build a robot and teach it to take care of his dog Goodyear.

The trailer is the first look at this film's post-apocalyptic earth and some of the challenges it will present. Mankind was wiped out by a major solar flair event, leaving the earth a barren wasteland.

The robot, played by Caleb Landry Jones, must learn to care for Finch's dog, though in order to do so they must leave their protected home. The three go on a journey across the desolate American West to show the robot what it means to be alive.

Tom Hanks also starred in "Greyhound," an Apple TV+ film about a Navy vessel set during World War II. It received good critical acclaim and was the largest debut of Apple's streaming service at the time.

Watch "Finch" when it premieres on Apple TV+ on November 5. Customers can subscribe to the service for $4.99 per month or via any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle.

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    If it's even close to Greyhound it'll be good.

    But, what a combination:
    -- The every man/common man who rises above his human fears, doubts and frailty to overcome adversity
    --  A friendly, helpful Frankenstein
    -- A combination of nuclear armageddon and climate change induced storms - all from a solar flare.

    That's a lot to pack into a single show.  Typically something like that would come off as Grade B hokey.  But, if anybody can pull it off, Tom Hanks can.

    I'm looking forward to it.
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    Love Tom Hanks.
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