Apple offers six months free Apple Music to AirPods, Beats owners

in iOS edited September 2021
In a rare extension of its Apple Music trial offers, Apple is now giving users of specific devices who have updated to iOS 15 six months free use of the streaming service.

Apple Music
Apple Music

Apple may have cut its regular free trial from three months to one back in 2019, but it has regularly offered more through Shazam, Barclaycard, and even TikTok. Now it's launched a rare six-month free offer to users of certain Apple and Beats headphones.

It doesn't matter whether the devices are bought now, or recently. What is required is that the users must be new subscribers, they can't already have an Apple Music subscription.

Also, they must also be running iOS 15, or iPadOS 15, on their iPhone or iPad. Under those conditions, the devices eligible are:

  • AirPods Pro

  • AirPods with Charging Case

  • AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

  • AirPods Max

  • Beats Studio Buds

  • Powerbeats

  • Powerbeats Pro

  • Beats Solo Pro

Note that Apple says AirPods (1st generation), Beats Solo3 Wireless, Beats Studio3 Wireless, Beats EP, and Beats Flex, are not eligible.

New buyers have 90 days from the date of purchase to take up the offer. People who already have the devices can take up the offer any time up to 90 days after they update their iPhone to iOS 15, or presumably iPad to iPadOS 15.

Once an eligible device is paired to an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15, or iPadOS 15, users have to open the Music app. They may be prompted to sign in with their Apple ID, but then they should be prompted about the offer.

If a user dismisses the prompt, or it just doesn't appear, they can find the offer again in the Listen Now tab in the Music app.

As well as promoting Apple Music, and both AirPods and Beats headphones, the drive comes as Apple aims to get people to update to the newly-released iOS 15, too.

Where to buy AirPods and Beats headphones

Amazon is currently offering some of the best AirPods deals, with prices as low as $119.

Beats headphones are also in stock at Amazon, with the Studio Buds selling for $149.

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    Yup i bet. Apple has to practically give this stuff away, as it is so HORRIBLE. What a total disaster Apple Music is!!! If you lose signal, (internet connection) often times playing does not resume, or even play the same list, when you get back on. If you have multiple speakers, homepod, airplay, appletv, switching between them is a nightmare! Play on all speakers, play on one speaker, this speaker, etc.. only sometimes, works.... very inconsistent. lots of sound quality issues, drop outs, and the way Apple Music tries to keep connection by lowering audio quality or even slowing the tempo of the songs down, which makes it sound warped is just awful. I couldn't imagine paying for this!!! One thing is for certain there are better services out there like Spotify. If you use AppleMusic, actually use it, and pay for it you are probably a tool.
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    Digitol - sounds a lot like a paid promotion for Spotify.  Of all the issues you’ve listed, most I’ve never even heard of never mind experienced.  You seem to have a lot of purported knowledge of problems with a service you clearly don’t use.     But of course that mysteriously obtained knowledge grants you the moral authority to hide behind a computer screen and call other people tools.  Maybe swap that computer screen for a mirror.  
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