Apple TV gets 16 new nature themed Aerial screen savers with tvOS 15

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Apple rolled out 16 new Aerial screen savers for Apple TV with the latest iteration of tvOS, adding to an already impressive slate of stunning 4K imagery.

Apple TV Aerial Screen Saver

After skipping a year, Apple with the release of tvOS 15 on Monday added a batch of new Aerial screen savers to its Apple TV hardware lineup.

Like past updates, the latest Aerials include imagery of scenic landscapes, presented in dramatic high-resolution glory motion for maximum effect. Drones are typically used to capture the raw footage that is massaged into Aerial screen savers, offering users rarely seen perspectives of exotic locales, landmarks and other points of interest spanning the globe.

Apple is continuing with a nature theme for tvOS 15. The new series of screen savers includes footage from the Grand Canyon, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and Yosemite National Park, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple put a focus on Yosemite, which nets seven total clips ranging from views of a snow-dusted Half Dome and El Capitan to a sweeping straight-down shot over Tuolumne Meadows. Torres del Paine, located in Chile's Patagonia region, gets four Aerials showing off a mix of mountain, lake and river landscapes, while the Grand Canyon's five videos take viewers through iconic locals like the Burnt Canyon area and parts of the Colorado River.

Apple TV can be configured to automatically download new Aerial screen savers on a daily basis in system settings, with the clips played back on rotation when the set-top box is idle.

Aerial screen savers were introduced in 2015 alongside the fourth-generation Apple TV with Siri Remote. Apple has sporadically updated the feature over the years, adding footage from new locales that span cityscapes in Los Angeles to ocean creatures.

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    I really wish they would make it an option to disable certain aerials (not just entire categories) or to download a new batch on demand. I hate it when mine gets stuck with a single video for a prolonged period of time (even when I have it set to download new ones daily) and I can't do anything about it. Right now mine is looping on Downtown LA.
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    Yay!!! It’s been so long and I love these so much! 

    In my dreams, we get new screensavers seasonally :) 

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    I set mine (just now) to hide Earth and Cityscapes.  What was the first aerial screensaver that came on?  Earth.  Ugh...
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    Scot1Scot1 Posts: 119member
    It seems that the screen savers we get downloaded are determined by whether you have Apple TV set to 4K HDR, 4K STR, or Dolby Vision. Can anyone explain? Thank you
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    Scot1Scot1 Posts: 119member
    Edit 4kSDR
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