Facebook's full research on teen use of Instagram leaked ahead of Senate hearing

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Facebook, due to testify before the Senate, has published two of its research documents into how teenagers are affected by using Instagram -- but four more reports have been leaked.

Instagram on iPhone
Instagram on iPhone

The Senate Commerce Committee's consumer protection subcommittee is to hear testimony from Facebook on Thursday, concerning the company's services and their effect on the mental health of teenagers. The hearing was prompted by a Wall Street Journal article that claimed, "Facebook knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls."

That article was based on internal Facebook documents, but the company claimed in a blog post that the Wall Street Journal was a "mischaracterization" of the truth. It also published what it implied were the complete findings of its research into teen use of Instagram.

"Earlier today, we provided Congress with the two full research decks that were the primary focus of the Wall Street Journal's mischaracterization of internal Instagram research into teenagers and well-being," continued the blog post.

Facebook also publicly released these two documents, and noted that it found teenagers reporting "both positive and negative experiences with social media."

Ahead of the Senate hearing, however, the Wall Street Journal has now published four further Facebook research reports. All six documents are now available to read on the Wall Street Journal site.

Separately, Facebook has recently halted development of what it called "Instagram Kids." Aimed at children and younger teenagers, the new service is still being worked on, but Facebook says it intends now to work more with parents, and regulators.

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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,856member
    FB is a toxic waste dump all around.  Why oh why do people feed it?

    I mostly am involved on FB in some neighborhood private groups to monitor the neighborhood and people's needs.  And a few hobby based interest groups or groups related to prior school or jobs.  But I wouldn't be sad if it all went poof.  I am not dependent on it.  

    Instagram I am only involved with with a hobby specific account with model railroads and railroads.  I do nothing else on it and share or involve  myself with personal image lifestyle baloney.  It could go away tomorrow and I wouldn't care.  

    And I never click an ad on either (or on web pages).  

    I've also helped my kids learn to not use social media as a personal reflection of themselves. 
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    chadbag said:

    And I never click an ad on either (or on web pages).  

    Unfortunately, just seeing an ad gets Zuckerberg cash. Clicking on them may just get him more $.

    I also only use FB for a couple of groups. I have one dedicated browser on my Mac where I use only FB and nothing else, to narrow their tracking/spying. I also have extensions to block all ads and other FB chuff. 

    On my iPhone, I use the Friendly+ app, which streamlines FB and blocks ads. 
    edited September 2021 watto_cobramariowinco
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    I belong to a group that wants me to join their “PRIVATE F_C_BOOK GROUP”. If this is not the oxymoron to end all oxymorons......
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,856member
    Appleish said:
    chadbag said:

    And I never click an ad on either (or on web pages).  

    Unfortunately, just seeing an ad gets Zuckerberg cash. Clicking on them may just get him more $.

    Yes, true.  But the idea behind never clicking is to generate bad stats so that advertisers go elsewhere because they are not getting the results they expect. If no one ever clicked on an ad on FB, businesses would stop advertising there in the first place.  That would starve FB.  I know it is wishful thinking but I try and do my part.  If I see an ad that looks interesting then I open a new browser and go directly to the business outside of FB directly.  That way it doesn't connect my visit with FB
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    FB is an amazing company. Jobs was Zuckerberg’s mentor. I personally believe that’s a good investment, more in times of trouble. Long FB for the LT
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