Apple reportedly working on new L.A. Grove Apple Store location

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Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple Store in Los Angeles, with an unannounced store in the Grove potentially set to replace the existing Apple Store operating in the same area.

The purported inbound Apple Store in The Grove, Los Angeles [via Mark Gurman/Twitter]
The purported inbound Apple Store in The Grove, Los Angeles [via Mark Gurman/Twitter]

Apple often refurbishes stores to improve the customer experience, which can sometimes result in the company shifting the retail outlet into a new, potentially bigger space. Images surfacing over the weekend seem to point to one such major change in Los Angeles, affecting the Grove mall.

New large Apple Store coming to the Grove in LA (not yet announced). Current store is 19 years old and very much feels like it

-- Mark Gurman (@markgurman)

Images posted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman to Twitter depict what is described as a "new large Apple Store coming to the Grove in LA." While unannounced by Apple, Gurman believes it is a replacement store for the existing Grove location, which "very much feels" like it's 19 years old.

On further enquiries into the store, Gurman says the store "sounds like the new space is indeed for a revamped Apple Store."

The photographs offer a few clues about the new outlet, but the existing frontage including a large stick-out flat roof section and a pair of trees flanking the sides of the storefront echoes Apple's typical retail design. Doors and windows are covered, preventing any view of work being carried out.

So far, Apple has not offered any indication that there will be a new store opening in the area, nor that it will be moving the existing Grove outlet. With the apparent progress at the new location, it seems such an announcement may be happening soon.

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    That’s where Crate and Barrel used to be. 
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    My family visits the Grove often. I work in commercial real estate in L.A. and know how to look up city permits. This will be the new Apple store per the city building permit issued for this space on 9/4/2020 that shows a permit value of $4.5M with a floor area of 13,234 square feet for an "Apple Store" as depicted on the floor plan. This information is public record so I don't believe there is any problem stating the above. 
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    I drive by it yesterday on third street. They were taking down a piece of plywood that was covering the Apple logo on the side of the building. I’m surprised that they did not mention the new store at the key note. Especially given that the key note was the day before. 
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