Eve blinds release window, Mysa controller, and more on HomeKit Insider

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In this episode of HomeKit Insider, your hosts reveal the release date for Eve's HomeKit shades, talk about the new Mysa controller, discuss an expensive high-end Secure Video camera, and much more.

HomeKit Insider

Eve, along with Coulisse, has announced the impending availability of their HomeKit-enabled shades. There's no exact date yet but they revealed they will be coming in early 2022, which is only a few months out at this point. Eve MotionBlinds will be the first to support Thread for simplified installation and use.

Mysa has announced its second-generation electric baseboard heater which will be making its way to North America. Wozart said its Sense Pro will be the first occupancy sensor coming to HomeKit, differing from existing motion sensors and that should be more accurate in detecting when people are in a room.

The last bit of news was from Zorachka who announced a high-end HomeKit Secure Video camera, that it halls Homam. For its $400 price tag, it includes blemish compensation, texture enhancement, IR optimized night mode, USB-C, color correction, distortion correction, and more. We dig in to try and decipher why its price tag is so high and whether it is worth it.

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    Unfortunate headline - “blinds” (and even “shades”) is as much a verb as a noun.  Capitalize for clarity?
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