Apple anticipated to secure 80% of ARM-based laptop market in 2021

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Researchers' data shows that Apple is dominating the rapidly expanding ARM laptop market with Apple Silicon, securing the vast majority of revenue in the market segment for 2021.

The ARM market continues to grow, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The market grew nine-fold in 2020 and is poised to grow three-fold to $949 million in 2021.

The firm also believes that Apple will capture a majority of the ARM-based laptop market in 2021, earning 79% of the year's revenue.

Image Credit: Strategy Analytics
Image Credit: Strategy Analytics

Apple's newest line of portable M1 Macs, including the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, has earned it a commanding lead in the ARM-based market.

MediaTek is anticipated to come in a distant second with 18 percent of the market, while Qualcomm comes in third at 3 percent.

In September, Strategy Analytics announced that Apple lead the tablet AP market with a 50% revenue share in the second quarter of 2021.

Apple will be holding a second fall keynote event on Monday, October 18, dubbed "Unleashed." The event is expected to focus on new Apple Silicon high-end MacBook Pro models and AirPods.

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    corp1corp1 Posts: 92member
    In other news, Apple commands a near-100% market share of macOS and iOS systems.
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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,088member
    “ARM based laptop market” 

    Give me a f****ing break
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    applguyapplguy Posts: 235member
    So Apple is only going to sell 750M worth of Arm based laptops in 2021??? That sounds really, really wrong considering annual Mac sales are in the 30B range. At those estimates Apple Arm laptops are less than 3% of Mac sales. 
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    applguy said:
    So Apple is only going to sell 750M worth of Arm based laptops in 2021??? That sounds really, really wrong considering annual Mac sales are in the 30B range. At those estimates Apple Arm laptops are less than 3% of Mac sales. 
    Your review of the graph is off.  The graphic is only for the silicon.  Since Mediatek and Qualcomm does not produce machines, the graphic clearly is based on silicon sales.  So it is likely for the M1 component it could only represent $750 Million.  

    The article probably should have clarified that as I am sure that is just a guess and we would not know how much Apple would charge itself. 
    edited October 2021 FileMakerFellernadrieldocno42watto_cobrajony0
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 879member
    red oak said:
    “ARM based laptop market” 

    Give me a f****ing break
    I don't get what you're "enraged" about?  I mean yeah it's seems silly to say "market", but check this:

    VHS tapes were VHS tapes, then LaserDisc, then DVD, then Blu-ray and now Streaming.

    PC's with Intel and "lack" of Machine Learning Cores and Low Power Modes will be the "Blu-rays" of today.

    And M1s will be the Streaming of the future... in analogous terms per se...

    While Apple continues to "add" stuff in the chips, PCs use a silly CISC based chip that sits stationary at "Blu-ray"

    I mean if you wanna sit there and watch Blu-rays all day "you could!"

    But we have other things to do, don't we? LOL
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    I’m waiting eagerly to see if the other major brands in the fish pond catches the bait or not. Apple convinced Google they needed to buy Android inc, so they could create the Android platform. In the western world (the Asian phone market was extremely different in the early smartphone days and before it), when Nokia, SonyEricsson and Motorola started making smartphones their primary business instead of feature phones, every brand was compared directly with Apple and they looked good — Apple was number one! This time around, Apple can go from a minor market share with a strong customer satisfaction rate, to a jumpstarted market-leading position in the very best, most profitable ARM laptops in the world. If others continue to support Intel and AMD, ignoring ARM, Apple will continue to grow with 1 % market share per year at most.

    I hope the market for ARM laptops is flooded.
    edited October 2021 watto_cobra
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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 2,008member
    As always, Apple isn’t pursuing “market share” as a business goal, particularly when the market is defined in a weird, narrow way. 

    Others will eventually start making more ARM silicon. When they do, Apple’s market share in this “category” will drop, perhaps even precipitously. Apple won’t care about that, and neither should anyone else. 
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,644member
    ARM laptop market share is a meaningless division of laptop sales.  

    Why not “laptops with big ass trackpads” or “laptops under zero point whatever mms thick” or laptops with only thunderbolt 4?

    I’d rather see proportion of laptop profits.  
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