MagSafe Duo Charger doesn't support Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging



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    mainyehc said:
    MagSafe Duo is looking to be one of the stupidest, most quickly outdated Apple products in history. It's now both a bad fit for the flagship iPhone 13 *and* a bad choice for the flagship Apple Watch Series 7.

    Why couldn't they release an updated MagSafe Duo 2 version alongside these two products? Maybe it's not selling that well but, honestly, if that was the case, they should've discontinued it altogether. Keeping ill-fitting but premium-priced products in their line-up is just one of the most un-Apple moves they have made in a looong time.
    Has anyone ever confirmed that a 13 Pro in a case doesn’t work??? All I saw was someone putting a case on a Duo and speculating that it wouldn’t work. 

    BTW - my Duo charger is perfect when traveling. 
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    We knew about this shortly after the Watch was announced. 
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