Satechi's new Hybrid Multiport Adapter combines USB hub with SSD storage

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Satechi's latest MacBook Pro and USB-C iPad peripheral is the Hybrid Multiport Adapter that brings together a powerful USB hub as well as space for a SSD.

Satechi's new multi-use hub
Satechi's new multi-use hub

The hub adds four ports to your Mac -- HDMI, two USB, and USB-C. Both USB ports are USB-A 3.0 ports while the HDMI port supports 4K output at 60Hz. The USB-C PD power can handle up to 100W of power to your Mac or iPad with USB-C.

By sliding off the top of the USB-C hub you'll reveal an M.2 SSD bay where you can add storage. It supports transferring data up to 5Gbps.

As it connects over USB-C it is compatible not only with Mac, but iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro as well.

It is available to order now in Space Gray or black for $89.99 but currently has a $5 coupon on Amazon.

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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,102member
    This screams to be a thunderbolt/USB4 dock.  That it’s not is silly, and no sale for me.

    Satechi was always bottom-of-barrel products anyways so surprise.
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    The article fails to mention that the two USB-A ports are DATA ONLY. 
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    netroxnetrox Posts: 1,447member
    The fact that it's only 5Gbps is ridiculous considering that m.2 speed goes beyond that speed and that USB 3 is a significant bottleneck.  

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