New MacBook Pro chips deliver desktop performance with better power efficiency



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    Forget about Mac gaming. The focus should be on VR gaming. 
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    Is M1 Max chip physically larger than M1 Pro? 
    Yes, it has far more transistors.

    But, the chip itself doesn’t do more than be a partial determinant of the size of the package, which also includes the RAM, which are in separate chips on the same package.

    In theory, both M1 Pro and M1 Max chips could be put on silicon with the same size and shape, but defects would have a larger impact on yield and drive up costs of the M1 Pro. 

    For manufacturing, it’s likely easier and less expensive to make the exterior package with the chips be the same size and layout so only one motherboard is required, as well as simplifying cooling.
    Re: yield, that's ridiculous. If you wasted all that extra wafer area to make a pro the same size as a max, it would be dead area, and defects wouldn't exist there. It wouldn't cost more because of lower yield (that is, the percentage of chips that are good), it would cost more because you were making fewer chips per wafer.

    As for the package, it's not likely to matter for the motherboard - all that matters is the pin layout. That will be the same (RAM channels don't go off-package). Or almost the same? The Max might have more pins for power. Cooling is going to depend greatly on the specifics of the technology. Even if you made the Max and Pro the same package size, there would be hotspots in different places on the two packages. You may or may not want to cool them both the same way.
    Marvin said:
    Apple would either have to build that size of gaming audience (just now Mac gamers would be around 2 million and mostly involved with casual gaming like The Sims),
     Pretty good overall analysis of the Mac game market but your numbers here are *way* off. Apple will ship >17 million macbooks this year. There are almost certainly already 15m M1 Macs out there, and that number will continue to grow rapidly. Obviously many of those macs will never be used for gaming, but a lot more than 13% could be.
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