Office for Mac 2021: problem with transfer to new macbook

in Mac Software
Hi fellow macbook pro users:
I am having tremendous trouble transferring the license for Office for Mac 2021 from new M1 13" macbook pro to the newer 16". (I purchased the new 13" macbook pro on 10/24/21 then decided I needed the larger screen.) I can uninstall from the 13" but when I go to activate it on the 16" I get a message that the software is still associated with the smaller computer. 
Any insight feedback from you would be greatly appreciated. I am returning the 13" to best buy tomorrow and am ready to strongly plead/request they accept return on the Office software as well ($250), but what if they won't...? Note: I tried to work with the microsoft tech support phone team and was disconnected 4x last night and the best buy tech support team/activation could not solve the issue either. 
Thank you, Diana 


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