Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13



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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,766member
    joninsd said:
    This is a NEW issue with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, so it’s an iOS issue. I notice the problem the most in Maps, though it mostly just crashes on me. My phone was mostly flawless before this latest iOS release. 

    Japhey said:
    Right on cue, Woz pops up to remind everybody he’s still alive. I can definitely tell the difference in battery life and photo improvements, but I’m still not completely sold on ProMotion on the iPhone yet. It feels a bit buggy compared to my 12, especially when using the app switcher. Sometimes I have to swipe up 3-4 times before successfully closing an app, but I’m not sure if this might just be an issue with iOS. Does anyone using a 12 have this issue? 

    Thanks for your response. I’m glad it’s just an iOS issue then, since that means it will eventually get ironed out. It’s also buggy when trying to switch apps via the home bar indicator, and is quite annoying. 
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    xyzzy01xyzzy01 Posts: 132member
    rjacobson said:
    xyzzy01 said:
    Woz is right.

    Sure, 13 is better than 12: The CPU is faster, the screen is a little better on some, the battery life is improved, the camera is a little better. However, all of these were pretty good already. This is evolution, not revolution.

    It's not like the early days when we got 3G, then retina displays, next year touch ID - and exciting new designs every 2 years.  The tech is fairly mature now.

    Same with the software offerings - the novelties in this year's release were very minor. E.g. I don't expect to ever bother using SharePlay.
    True but the improvements for me were a bit more important in the 12-13 ProMax evolution than what I felt I got in the 11 to 12 ProMax evolution as good as they were.  But as we can all agree the importance of the evolutionary changes probably varies for each person. If they did not do the iUP program I probably would wait more like I do in my iPad and MacBook (every 3-4 years leaning towards 4 years). So for the M1 MacBooks for example my late 2018 15 inch MacBook Pro still does all I need so I will wait several more years and just save up for new model as it gets to have issues and not allow me to use features and new updates. More important is security since I do on line banking and orders although I can keep most of that to iphone and ipad and keep MacBooks even longer

    For me, the 12 -> 13 Pro evolution is not important at all. However, when the time comes, e.g. a 12 -> 15 Pro will look more enticing. Yearly evolutions add up. And while a normal user won't see a difference in performance today - it's all fast, it will take longer until the 13 feels slow.

    As for MacBooks, I'm probably waiting for an M2 MacBook Air to replace my MBP. Support for two screens would be useful, and I prefer light and fanless to the MBP design at twice the price. HDMI without a dongle would be perfect if they're into making connectivity better again :)

    The massive amounts of processing power on the MBP? Don't need it anymore. For development, it's mostly cloud based these days - and I'm not into video editing. 

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    Woz just repeated an age-old tech assertion about user experience.

    I first learned about it in the early 80s.

    I bought a new stereo system and was stressing over which speaker wires to get.

    One friend, an audiophile, swore he could tell that his $100 groovy super cables made a difference. I couldn’t.

    Another friend, an electrical engineer, said the $5.00 18 gauge lamp wire was no different.

    I bought the 18 gauge wire, but I had to go middle ground and got 14 gauge wire. No difference that I could tell, 

    Best to remember the level of the user and that better specs do not necessarily mean a better user experience.

    Not to be mean, but we should consider that intense feelings may be about something else. We may simply be trying to justify being bleeding-edge users with money that would be better spent elsewhere.
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