Apple & TSMC partnership is a double-edged sword



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    Interesting take, but where would apple go even if TSMC couldn't crack the 3 nm code? Intel is still on 10 nm, and probably for the foreseeable future since 7 is barely coming online.
    My bet is Apple+TSMC will use a half node improvement, "4nm", in 2022 and 2023. Hopefully the 3nm issues are worked out for mass production in 2023. They are just going to inch their way to it.
    So, turn the nm dial from 3 to 4?
    No, they been working on 4nm concurrently along with 3nm. It's been planned to start mass production in 1H 2022. Whether Apple plans to use it, who knows. Whether 3nm is in mass production for 2H 2022, who knows at this point. But Apple+TSMC aren't stuck.

    The "nm" brands are all descriptive terms for a collection of fab technologies to achieve more perf/Watt and higher transistor density. Sometimes they make schedule, sometimes they don't. But a succession of yearly 5% improvements can be just as good as 20% improvements every 2 years. The rate of improvement may be slower, but you still get it.
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