Apple's Jay Blahnik hints that Fitness+ could be produced in other languages

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Amid a wider rollout of Apple Fitness+, Apple VP of Fitness Technologies Jay Blank said the service is just getting started and that the company is open to expanding into non-English content.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

The Apple Fitness+ service is expanding to an additional 15 countries on Wednesday, including Brazil. Blahnik recently spoke to Brazilian news site Globo about the fitness service, and how Apple can continue to expand and improve it.

When asked about whether Apple could expand into different regions with local instructors, Blahnik said that Apple is open to the possibility of expanding Fitness+ to other languages.

"Apple is launching its fitness service in Brazil, but with content in English. Do you have plans to develop this in Portuguese and with Brazilian professionals?

"Yes, I think we are open to the possibility of going wherever Fitness+ is," he said. "Our goal is to help people get fit. We want to be able to attract as many users as possible and make the experience as pleasant as possible."

He said that, over time, there will likely be a need to produce content in local languages. Blahnik added that he's excited to see how Fitness+ expands in the future, since the service has only been around for nine months and it's "just getting started."

Blahnik also said he believes Apple is still in the nascent stages as far as healthcare. Going forward, he thinks there will be "many opportunities" for innovation.

"These are things we never imagined would be available on your wristwatch just a few years ago. We see how far the clock has gone and feel the same way about Fitness+," he said. "We think there will be many opportunities. We already have personalized recommendations based on what you do, but we also feel that in the healthcare space we're just getting started."

Blahnik also explained how Apple Fitness+ was developed before the pandemic hit as a way to provide flexible workouts so that people can exercise "anywhere, anytime, and however they wanted." The Apple VP said the pandemic just illustrated that people want flexibility in their workouts.

The Apple VP also touched on the topic of 5G, which he says could give users the opportunity to connect at faster speeds -- including with Apple's recently launched SharePlay feature.

As far as where Fitness+ and Apple's other services can go from here, Blahnik said Apple will continue to develop options that people want.

"The sky is the limit," he said. "There's so much more we can do and we've already done a lot in just nine months."

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