Flic Twist, Arlo Go 2, and lots of Matter support on the HomeKit Insider podcast

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New devices from Arlo, Netatmo, and Aqara, Flic Twist device will support Matter, devices to make your car smart, and more on this week's episode of the HomeKit Insider podcast.

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In the past week, Flic announced the Flic Twist which is its latest smart home controller. This small dial can be rotated, as well as depressed to control a number of smart home devices from light to shades. It is set to launch in 2022 with full support for Matter, which means it should theoretiacally control HomeKit devices as well.

Last week's episode we discussed how Eero had pledged support for Matter and now it seems Eero's parent company Amazon is making things official. Eero as well as Echo devices will be supporting Matter when it launches in 2022.

Our favorite smart thermostat company Ecobee was acquired this past week by generator company Generac. They've pledged support to Ecobee which was recently updated to include support for "hey Siri" summoning.

We also saw the launch of Arlo Go 2, a LTE-enabled smart camera that you can take with you as well as a new Netatmo CO detector. A couple unannounced products from Aqara also were revealed as well such as a gas sensor and "pro lighting."

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