Whistleblower casts doubt on Apple's claims that it doesn't silence employees



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    sdw2001 said:
    Apple is in the midst of controversy surrounding employees organizing. 

    Is it? Why, because the tech press made it so? It doesn't seem like the rest of the media world cares.  I suspect that's because most people just don't believe that racism and sexism is rampant or even a major problem at Apple.  You have some (former) employees are who are obvious, vapid publicity whores who created the reductive "#AppleToo" to get their 15 minutes and whatever compensation they could.  If there was really a major issue at Apple, you'd see a lot more than some NLRB companies and hashtags.  
    The NLRB doesn't govern discrimination and harassment, EEOC does, and there are state entities, as well. DFEH in CA is relevant here, since it's Apple. 

    Saying that there isn't a major problem at Apple, knowing full well that the majority of Apple employees are retail and support employees seems cult-fan-boy at best. Tech is picking this stuff up because the corporate tech employees are talking about it on the record. They are trying to give the staff who are really dealing with this issues beyond what probably occurs in the corporate environment a platform to hold Apple accountable. We should all be alarmed by the things the retail employees are sharing.
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