Native Union Curve Strap review: A lightweight silicone band for Apple Watch

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The Native Union Curve Strap for Apple Watch is an absurdly comfortable silicone strap that is both durable and lightweight.

Native Union Curve Apple Watch strap
Native Union Curve Apple Watch strap

We've tried our fair share of budget Apple Watch bands. Some work surprisingly well, while others aren't worth their discounted prices. Native Union comes into the market with a mid-priced band that doesn't do anything far outside the norm, but nails the simple things.

Comfort for your wrist

The Curve Strap comes in two colors. A traditional black as well as Sage. We're one for some color, so we opted for the Sage variant. Black is self-explanatory, but Sage is a little more left of center.

The Curve Strap is weatherproof
Curve Strap is weatherproof

Sage, as one can see in the photos, is a light pastel green color. Not too vibrant, but not dark either. The color choice is a good middle route that isn't seen all that often.

By its nature, the silicone used in the strap repels water and will hold up to most scratches it comes across. That said, with extreme force, it can be prone to tearing.

Stainless steel hardware is built-in, embedded into the silicone. Both the lugs are hidden in the silicone, while the buckle feels more like a traditional buckle.

When putting the band on, it feels very smooth and secure. The lugs slide in without hiccup and are released just as easily when you want to remove them. The silicone seems to aid in attaching them to your watch, while some metal lugs can be tight and get stuck if not aligned perfectly straight.

We'd have preferred a bit more of an original take for the buckle, but it does get the job done. That buckle is an oval with a pin in the center and is a standard tang buckle that we'd usually see with NATO-style bands.

While the band may come in two colors, the steel buckle only comes in a black powder-coated option.

Stainless steel buckle on the Curve Strap
Stainless steel buckle of the Curve Strap

The band has two squared-off loops used to secure the excess material that sticks out after the buckle. Since there are two, if you have a large wrist, these may be unnecessary. It will just depend on how much of the band is leftover after it's buckled. One of these loops probably would have been sufficient.

The band has long vertical stripes from the outside that gives the band some added flair beyond the solid silicone. On the underside, it is slightly concave, which helps keep it from sticking to your wrist during a rigorous workout.

Native Union logo
Curved underside of the Native Union strap

A perfectly flat band won't have any room for air, and sweat can cause it to almost adhere to your wrist. Native Union tries to avoid that.

While it works to some degree, other bands have been more aggressive. For example, some bands from Nomad have a series of horizontal channels for more airflow.

The band's look matches many other Native Union products, bringing a sense of familiarity for anyone who has used them. This shared design philosophy means your watch band can match your AirTag holder or AirPods case.

Should you buy the Native Union Curve Strap?

What sets this band apart for us is how comfortable it is. We've recently heard from some arthritic users looking for a very flexible and comfortable band -- and this will suit that bill.

Wearing the Native Union Curve Strap
Wearing the Native Union Curve Strap

It can move with you no matter if you're swimming, biking, lifting weights, jogging, or sitting at your desk. And for that -- or anyone who wants an ultra-comfortable band -- we'd highly recommend the Native Union Curve Strap.

Matching the Curve Strap with Apple Watch Series 7
Matching the Curve Strap with Apple Watch Series 7

Without colored lugs, it will match nearly any Apple Watch finish or material, and it is available in both small and large sizes to fit every generation Apple Watch. Small will fit the 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm models. The larger will fit the 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm models.

That said, there are limited color choices here. Sage and black are the only two available. These won't appeal to everyone, and if you were hoping for more colors, you'd have to look elsewhere.

Native Union Curve Strap
Native Union Curve Strap

  • Simple colors, we like the Sage green

  • Striped pattern keeps it visually interesting for one material

  • Velvety soft touch

  • Ultra lightweight, flexible, and comfortable

  • Integrated lugs for a seamless look

  • Affordable

  • Stainless steel buckle

  • Only two color options

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

Find the Native Union Curve Strap on Amazon starting at $39 for the 41mm or 45mm sizes in both black and white.

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