Apple issues watchOS 8.3 update to the public

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Apple has released watchOS 8.3 to the public, with the update mainly focusing on bug fixes and improving overall performance.

Users can update to watchOS 8.3 by accessing the iOS Watch app and navigating to General, then Software Update. However, it can also be installed automatically by the app if set correctly. The Apple Watch must be charged to 50%, placed on a charger, and within range of the iPhone to install the update.

This update comes a little over a month after watchOS 8.1 released in October.

The previous release of watchOS 8 introduced many features, including new Pilates and Tai Chi workouts, a Mindfulness app, Find My changes, Focus modes, a retooled Home app, new Photos features, and alterations to message composition and sharing.

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    This update seems to introduce problems with 3rd party chargers no longer working. I've found one other report so far, but no answers. Have you heard anything? My Series 5 watch will no longer charge with my generic seller charger stand, but will charge fine with the genuine apple charger cable. This happened overnight after the update to 8.3 was applied.
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    I was able to fix the charging of my apple watch on the generic charging dock by upgrading to a larger usb power brick for it. Now my watch seems to be charing fine again.
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