Apple to release James Bond documentary 'The Sound of 007' in 2022

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A new feature documentary focused on six decades of James Bond music will debut on Apple TV+ in October 2022.

Marking the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film series, "The Sound of 007" will celebrate the music of one of the most iconic film series to date.

The documentary will go behind the lens, highlighting music from the series' inaugural "Dr. No," up through "No Time To Die." In addition, "The Sound of 007" will feature cast and crew interviews intermixed with James Bond archive material.

"Being James Bond" made its way to Apple TV in September. The documentary focuses on Daniel Craig and his years as the titular James Bond.

Apple TV+ is quickly building out a slate of documentaries to add to an impressive list of original films and series. The streaming service recently announced a new docuseries about the life and career of NBA star Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

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    Barbara Broccoli said this week that the next James Bond may be non-binary. But that's already true, because '007' is clearly octal.
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    Barbara Broccoli said this week that the next James Bond may be non-binary. But that's already true, because '007' is clearly octal.
    I won't be watching that.
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    Barbara Broccoli said this week that the next James Bond may be non-binary. But that's already true, because '007' is clearly octal.
    I won't be watching that.
    It is just very odd for Bond not to be a womanizer. Bond is a womanizer before he became a spy. If they want something different, create a new character or even a new series. If they just change Bond, they will lost a lot of old audience while may not getting newer one. 

    On side note, I just watched a video about 007 music on YouTube. Link here.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,404moderator
    Barbara Broccoli said this week that the next James Bond may be non-binary.
    It's important to note that she is being pushed to answer these questions by the press/bloggers. People like the following who go around ruining Rotten Tomatoes ratings:

    "Speaking to Anna Smith on the Girls On Film podcast, Broccoli was asked about the prospect of a gender-switched version of the character.
    She responded by saying that Bond would remain a man, stressing the importance of creating new and distinct roles for women.
    However, Smith then asked whether the character could be non-binary in the future.
    “Who knows, I think it’s open, you know?” Broccoli replied. “We just have to find the right actor.”"

    It's not being driven by the people who make the character, it's from people who get triggered by popular characters that aren't like them. They force them to answer a certain way because they get attacked when they don't, the twitter goons were attacking her for saying Bond couldn't be a woman and the opposite side attacks her if they suggest any deviation from the existing character.

    They are also confusing whether it's the character or the actor. The questions are about the character but the answer is about the actor. Bond is a British man but has been played by an Australian actor. Bond could be played by a non-binary actor and the character doesn't have to be rewritten that way.

    Amazon also bought MGM earlier this year, it may have some influence on how the franchise evolves:
    "as far as we know, [Bond 26] will be an MGM film under an Amazon banner."

    They are clearly open to evolving the franchise with diverse characters as they have switched the supporting cast around, Q is gay (both actor and character), Moneypenny is black, M is male/female but James Bond isn't a costume or a letterhead, he is a British male character with a canonical backstory. There's no need to rewrite characters solely to please a vocal minority, the crucial element is to get the right actor who can carry the role.

    Their biggest problem is going to be how to resurrect the franchise after what they did in the last one. They closed off most of the major story arcs. The next book points to moving forward the storyline with different double-0 characters:

    That has a story where the villains will be SMERSH, they will frame James Bond for M's murder and other 00s will have to go after him or exonerate him, leaving it open to different characters to have the lead in the story:

    They've had other 00s in Bond films before:

    The female character Ilsa Faust in Mission Impossible would make a good lead character:

    The female agents in the latest movie were ok too:

    They still came across as supporting roles for the main Bond character so they'd need more depth. They also have to make sure to maintain audience appeal. It's not just about an interesting story or character, James Bond is a fantasy character for women and a role model character for men, they can easily lose that appeal if they take the franchise in the wrong direction. Some women think that female leads is what all women want but it's not true of all franchises because straight women who make up the majority of women don't fantasize about women. Most women who like Bond movies want a character that appeals to them, which is none of the characters the twitters/bloggers keep suggesting.

    The Bond producers have done well to keep the franchise going this long and I expect they will continue to produce movies to the same standard. They have no reason to throw away the appeal of a $7b+ movie franchise to placate some internet nobodies and the people getting hit in the pockets if they do will quickly correct course.
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