Apple discontinues the Beats Pill+ speaker, Beddit Sleep Monitor

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Apple has discontinued a pair of products, with the Beats Pill+ and the Beddit Sleep Monitor no longer available to purchase from the company's website.

Beats Pill+, Beddit Sleep Monitor

Beddit, the Apple-owned sleep tracking and monitoring service, launched the Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 in late 2018, roughly a year and a half after the firm was acquired. Three years later, it's no longer being sold.

Product listings for Beddit's hardware have disappeared from view on Apple's website in the U.S. and a number of other countries, as spotted by 9to5Mac, with attempts to buy the product from Beddit's website also failing to go through.

Before its removal from sale, the Beddit Sleep Monitor was available to purchase for $149.95. Though it is no longer available from Apple directly, it may still be purchasable from third-party retailers while stocks last.

For the moment, the Beddit companion app is still listed on the App Store, and will probably remain there for quite a while for customers who own the hardware.

The same de-listing fate has affected another hardware product Apple previously sold. The Beats Pill+, produced by subsidiary Beats, is also not available to buy anymore.

Previously, it was listed both on Apple's online store and on the Beats website, but has since been pulled from view. The Beats website's product list now no longer lists any speakers, and instead consists solely of earbuds and headphones.

The Beats Pill+ was introduced in 2015 as the first Bluetooth speaker from Beats since its acquisition by Apple. Priced at $230, it was a mid-sized speaker which recharged via Lightning.

It is unknown if either subsidiary will be bringing out new products to replace the latest departures. In the case of Beddit, Apple has looked into ways to improve sleep tracking, but hasn't progressed any further hardware-wise beyond Beddit than the sleep tracking features built into the Apple Watch.

Similarly, Apple's own HomePod mini is a compact speaker, but not one offering portability, something the Beats Pill+ did provide to users.

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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,024member
    Bought my GF one of these to use when she is out in the yard and an Apple HomePod mini for inside. The Beats Pill+ has better sound and can gain the function of a HomePod (streaming audio, phone calls, etc) via your watch or phone.

    Hope an improved model comes out somewhere down the line.
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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    It seems so dumb that Apple is discontinuing Beats products. These could easily take marketshare away from the nerdy Amazon crap.
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    Maybe a homepod portable on the horizon?
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    I was hoping that Apple would strengthen their sleep tracking rather than weaken it.
    What they're currently doing via the Apple Watch is good but could be a LOT better.

    One big limitation is that it requires setting up a Do Not Disturb schedule while it tracks your sleep: without DND schedule there is no sleep tracking.   Personally, I want to receive necessary calls and texts  (if a friend calls at 3:00am its probably not simply to chat).  And, before I retired I had to receive them because of being on-call (both as an IT professional and later as a nurse)

    And, on-call raises another problem with their tracking:  you essentially only get one shot at sleeping.  But, getting a crisis call at 1:00am means you get up, often have to jump in the car, resolve the crisis and then get back to bed and to sleep.  But sleep tracking doesn't recognize that 'second sleep' -- once you're up it assumes that you stay up.
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