Apple to release Beats Fit Pro earbuds in Europe, Canada, and Japan soon

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Apple has begun adding Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds to its online store in Canada, and across Europe, with availability expected from later in January.

Following the US launch in November 2021, Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds are to go on sale in Europe and Canada. Apple's online stores in these territories are already listing the earbuds, but as yet without the option to buy.

Listed as coming in four colors, the Apple Store online says neither delivery nor pickup is currently available. Nor does it list an on-sale date.

However, news of the release outside the US began with cryptic tweets sent from most territories -- and a more specific one from Beats by Dre Japan.

Something new is coming.

-- Beats By Dre UK (@beatsbydreUK)

The Japanese announcement tweet added, in translation, that the earbuds would be available in Japan from January 28, 2022.

Beats websites in the territories have published much more detail about the wireless earbuds specifications, but state only that they are "coming soon."

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    thttht Posts: 4,802member
    I got these for Christmas as a replacement for my Powerbeats Pro, primarily for exercise. They are my pocketable pair until the Powerbeats Pro breaks down (inevitable), which then will act as my exercise pair. Overall, it's kind of an average product to me. Quality of fit and finish isn't Apple level. Noise cancellation is ok? They work well for static noise like from a fan, but for "random" noise, it's a bit of meh from me.

    Haven't been impressed by noise cancellation that much. Older models generated a hiss and current models seem to generate a pressure on my ears that I don't like. The Beats Fit Pro does have some increased pressure with noise cancellation. It does a good job with fan type noise. And I think there a latency with random noise and it doesn't do a great job there. The case that I have is pretty crappy imo. Light, plastic-like. Hinge is loose. It will be fine for exercise.

    Well, hoping the 2nd gen AirPods Pro will fit me ears. Need a nice walk-around and while at work pair.
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