Apple Pay launches soon in Argentina and Peru

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Apple has confirmed it will be expanding Apple Pay in Latin America in the near future, with banks in Argentina and Peru set to join Apple's mobile payments platform soon.

On January 10, Peru's Interbank briefly said it started to support Apple Pay, before pulling down any mentions of the account feature. One week later, Apple has started to promote its arrival.

An update to the Apple Pay page on Apple's Latin America regional website includes text translating to "Soon in Argentina and Peru." Apple doesn't state when it will arrive, but the Interbank misfire indicates it could be more imminent than Apple's website lets on.

Currently, Apple's list of regions that support Apple Pay states for Latin America and the Caribbean that it is available in Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Mexico. When the expansion occurs, Argentina and Peru will be added to the list.

Previously, Apple launched Apple Pay in Azerbaijan, Colombia, and Costa Rica in November 2021.

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    That's great for South American countries.  
    Too many people are restricted by not having bank accounts -- which has ripple effect throughout the economy for those nations -- making them cash and barter systems.

    While Apple Pay and Apple Cash are both tied to having a bank account of some sort, it opens the door to electronic, digital payment systems.

    My teenage grandson and his friends widely and frequently rely on Apple Cash for all of their spending.  It's both a credit card and a checking account in their pocket -- and I doubt that any of them have their own checking accounts or credit cards.
    * My grandson did have prepaid debit card that he used.  But now that AppleCash is so widely accepted he stopped using it.
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    When will it be available in the UK ???!!!
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