New iPhone SE production starts in late January with May launch, claims leaker

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A new leak claims that production will begin on the next iPhone SE in January, with a launch most likely to be in late April, or early May.

The current iPhone SE
The current iPhone SE

Following his claim that the 2022 iPhone SE will be a minor update, compared to 2023's redesign, analyst Ross Young now says that the phone is entering production.

Apple 5G SE model starting panel production this month. Phone production likely from March. This means a launch is likely for 2H April/early May with shipments from late April or early May.

-- Ross Young (@DSCCRoss)

Young's expected launch date backs up previous reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that said the iPhone SE would come in the first half of 2022.

Ross Young is an analyst with Display Supply Chain Consultants, and has a generally good track record in information about suppliers.

The forthcoming iPhone SE would be the third generation of the model, and it is believed to be adding 5G. Previous reports have suggested that it might be based on chassis of the old iPhone XR, while others predict it will use design of the iPhone 11 casing.

It's not expected to have a larger screen than the current model. However, a larger-screen version has been predicted for 2023.

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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,879member
    Always welcome lower cost iPhone because there is a large user base(across world) who want to use/upgrade iPhone but can't afford premium versions. But the question is, will there be same case/chassis as last SE version or different ? Will there be more screen real estate and wide angle/telephoto cameras with 5G/6E upgrade ? Most value iPhone users won't mind paying between $450-$550 iPhone SE with some good upgrades.
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    Apple wanted to say that all its phones support 5G, hence the 2022 iPhone SE with minimal design changes. No complaints here. I am just happy Apple even sells a low cost iPhone. I would love to see Apple expand further into the affordable technology market. There are so many people around the world that can't afford any of Apple's products but could benefit from an easy to use and secure user interface.
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    As someone who had the 2020 SE for a year, the main thing they need to worry about in the next generation is battery life. Loved everything about what the SE was - smaller, good camera, recent chip, home button. But that thing would die so quickly. Switched to 13 mini and much happier with it.
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    darkvaderdarkvader Posts: 1,146member
    Really hoping for the 8+ form factor.  I'd like a bit faster phone, but I'm not giving up the home button, and I refuse to have that idiotic notch.
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    digitoldigitol Posts: 276member
    Love me my home button,  and notch free screen!  Actually really like having Touch ID on the home button, on the bottom center of the screen. Don’t actually miss the home button itself. Ideally, having Touch ID under the screen on the bottom would be fantastic. I know keep dreaming right! :D 
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