Skydance Animation film 'Luck' premieres on Apple TV+ on August 5

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The animated film "Luck" will debut on August 5 on Apple TV+, starring Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jane Fonda.

'Luck' premieres August 5 on Apple TV+
'Luck' premieres August 5 on Apple TV+

The first Skydance Animation feature-length film for Apple TV+ is called "Luck," a story about an unlucky girl named Sam who goes on a quest that could change her luck forever. The star-studded cast voices a range of characters in the Land of Luck.

Cast members include Eva Noblezada as the voice of Sam, Whoopi Goldberg as the head of security named Captain, Simon Pegg as Bob the lucky black cat, Jane Fonda as the dragon and CEO of Good Luck, and Flula Borg who plays Jeff the Unicorn. The film is helmed by Peggy Holmes with an original screenplay by Kiel Murray. John Lasseter, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and David Eisenmann produce.

This is the first of three Skydance Animation projects slated for Apple TV+. "Spellbound" and a two-season order for the animated series "The Search for WondLa" are still expected from the company sometime in the future.

Apple and Skydance Animation previously released a short film called "Blush" to the platform. It is a 10-minute story about an astronaut who falls in love on an asteroid and a great first look at the Pixar-like style of Skydance Animation.

Watch "Luck" when it premieres on Apple TV+ on August 5 by subscribing for $4.99 per month or via any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 2,916member
    With John Lasseter on board I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t acquire the studio and make it their animation department. 
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    I’m not sure if there’s an error (my actual motivation for this little annoying post), but it looks like this is announcing or informing about a movie that’s about 7 months away. So, if I wasn’t a subscriber and this was somehow exciting… I don’t think I’d be in too much of a rush to get on board for, um, say half a year. I’m pretty sure I’d completely forget within the week, if not sooner. Just a thought. But, of course, it’s always helpful to have the details on how to subscribe in the announcement. So, there’s that anyway. 
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