Apple seeds macOS 12.2 to public with rebuilt Apple Music, minor updates



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    Sadly, macOS 12.2 obliterated a previously-used screen resolution. My LG 5K display has been running at 3840 x 1620 for over a year now. It's the perfect balance of readability and fitting what I need on screen. As soon as my computer rebooted from the 12.2 update, I could see that the login icon/box were too large. When I go into the preferences, 3840 x 1620 is no longer an option. It jumps straight from 3360 x 1417 (too zoomed-in/large)... up to 5120 x 2160 (WAY too high/small). And before anyone asks: YES, I know to hold Option while clicking the "Scaled" radio button to see the full list of resolutions, and YES, I checked the "Show all resolutions" checkbox. 3840 x 1620 no longer appears. I have screenshots of the same panel from prior to the update (totally unrelated), but glad I had it so I could prove I'm not crazy. ;) 

    I have tried the litany or permutations of rebooting, rebooting with monitor off, then powering on, plugging/unplugging the Thunderbolt cable, and endless combinations of all that while changing the resolutions. It has not reappeared.

    Has anyone else had resolution issues with this update...?

    I have a 16" M1 Max, and got the same problem after installing 12.2.

    I called Apple support and complained about this, the supporter said "Ok, its probably a bug, we'll fix it later in an update" and then he took some screenshots.

    I really wonder why Apple is so restrictive about which resolutions you can choose, it's just hi-res renders that are downscaled to the physical screen, there's no magic!

    Anyway, I found this great tool, which (in a relatively creative way) lets you force a lot of different HiDPI resolutions

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