Apple wants 27% commission for Dutch apps using third-party payments



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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,020member
    Beats said:
    Apple should charge 35%

    30% store fee and 5% to cover the hassle, customer support inquiries and stupidity of lawsuits against Apple if something were to go wrong and Apple is sued etc.
    This would only fuel the argument that Apple is abusing their monopolist/duopolist position for a generic computing platform like iOS/iPadOS, because it comes across as a 'punishment' following a national government ruling.

    The 35% (or more) should only be applied if an Apple audit resulted in the app-developer purposely cooking the books, and that is in addition to having the app removed from the App Store.

    I know app developers are going to do whatever they can to circumvent paying Apple's fees.  They believe they should have unfettered access to Apple's ecosystem because... Apple...
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