Apple Studios announces 1970s throwback comedy 'Mrs. American Pie'

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Apple TV+ has signed a series order for "Mrs. American Pie," a 10-episode comedy set to star Kristen Wiig.

"Mrs. American Pie" follows Maxine Simmons, a woman attempting to cross the line between the haves and have-nots and secure her spot in the high society of 1970s Palm Beach. As the series progresses, Maxine will need to ask herself, "How do you get a seat at the table, and what will you sacrifice to get there?"

The series will be based on Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist Juliet McDaniel's "Mr. and Mrs. American Pie," and developed by Laura Dern ("Little Big Lies.")

Kristin Wiig ("Saturday Night Live") is set to play Maxine, with Dern eyeing a key role, according to Apple. Abe Sylvia ("Dead to Me") will serve as writer, showrunner, and executive producer.

"Mrs. American Pie" joins Apple TV+'s growing slate of original content, including 1980s dark comedy "Physical," sports comedy "Ted Lasso," and musical Schmigadoon!

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    They should get Don McLean to write the title song!
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,504member
    They should get Don McLean to write the title song!
    Or they could use his original song and retitle the show "Ms. American Pie." A little digital audio editor editing could probably fix the original 1970 song and convert it as such. It could become a new official release of Don McLean. In that case, the title "Mrs. American Pie" is just Apple's working title, in order to keep this secret.

    The honorific "Ms" (meaning what it does today) predates Shakespeare! (I didn't know that until today.) There were a few attempts in the last 400 years to apply it more regularly, but it wasn't until Gloria Steinem used it in 1972 for the title of her magazine that the word became quite popular. In 1976, the superhero "Ms. Marvel" was created. A little later, in 1984, the term won some support of conservatives because of the case of Geraldine Ferraro.

    But the year is 2022 (50 years after Steinem's magazine) and there still isn't a consensus of whether to use it or not. There are three positions:

    1. Use it by default (e.g., Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners,)
    2. Don't use it (e.g., The Queen's English Society,) and
    3. Use it if the person being spoken of wants it used (e.g., The New York Times.)

    If Apple and Don McLean take my advice in my first paragraph, it could be a seminal moment in the history of "Ms." (No pun intended there.)
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