Apple's AR headset rumored to ship with M1 chip, micro OLED

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The long-rumored Apple AR device is rumored to ship with a M1 processor, and a micro OLED display -- and will face challenges by Samsung's "Hologram" headset.

As supply chain sources claim Apple is entering a second round of pre-production tests on its AR headset, a new report provides some details on the hardware in the unit.

The big news is the rumored inclusion of the M1 processor in the device. The same report also backs up previous reports that Apple's headset will use micro OLED displays.

According to Korea's ET News, Samsung is now deciding on the release date for its first headset. At the same time, Samsung has also reportedly formed a task force focused on working with Microsoft to develop further AR headsets.

"The metaverse device market is expected to grow at a annual rate of 80%, and emerge as a new market following smartphones," an unnamed parts company official told the publication. "The parts and equipment industry is also risking everything to become a partner."

Samsung's own AR headset is said to use hologram technology. Developed over an extended period by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, the hologram headset is made in conjunction with the US firm DigiLens.

ET News says Samsung's own headset will be based on an Exynos processor, and use Google's Android for the operating system. Microsoft's headsets, made with Samsung, will also use this hologram technology.

Apple has repeatedly been predicted to release its first headset in late 2022. Recently, however, it's been claimed that the device has run into difficulties that may push it back into 2023.

Alongside Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and even Meta (formerly Facebook), it's recently been reported that Google is working on a rival headset.

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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,311member
    What happened to Rumour of 2 M1's maybe even an M1 and an M1 max?

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    netroxnetrox Posts: 1,418member
    Micro OLED? or micro LED? I have never heard of microOLED. 
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,767member
    mattinoz said:
    What happened to Rumour of 2 M1's maybe even an M1 and an M1 max?

    Another day, another rumor. Give it a day or two, I’m sure we’ll circle back to that one. 
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,196member
    If you know what holography is--how it works--you know a "hologram" headset is b.s.  Microsoft has been trying to work the same b.s. with its HoloLens products.
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    netrox said:
    Micro OLED? or micro LED? I have never heard of microOLED. 
    They're probably OLED Microdisplays, which are tiny high-density OLED units. There are also microLED Microdisplays out there.

    There's also a company called MicroOLED that makes these things so maybe that's where this gets more confusing.

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