Three Apple Watch models expected for 2022 as Series 3 retires

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The next Apple Watch updates will consist of three models, a Sunday report claims, but while the generational changes won't necessarily involve major sensor alterations, it may also involve Apple retiring the Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 8 generation is expected to incorporate quite a few design changes, and may include more than just one model being released in 2022. On Sunday, a newsletter offered more details of what to expect to be introduced by Apple, and what could be withdrawn.

According to Mark Gurman's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, 2022 stands to be the "biggest in the history of the Apple Watch since the original model." In terms of releases, Gurman anticipates the Apple Watch Series 8, an updated Apple Watch SE, and an "Apple Watch geared toward extreme sports."

The idea of three models being launched has been raised before, with a rugged version brought up previously in rumors and speculation, such as Ming-Chi Kuo's note to investors about an "extreme sports version."

As for features, Gurman doesn't expect "any major new health sensors" for 2022, with the exception of body temperature sensors. However, he does say that the models will include faster chips, as well as "major updates to activity tracking."

Along with adding to the Apple Watch range, Gurman also believes the Apple Watch Series 3 "may finally be retired." No reason is offered for the retirement.

Apple currently sells the Apple Watch Series 3 as an introductory option, alongside the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE. It's plausible that Apple could stop offering the Series 3, pushing new customers into buying the SE model as an entry-level device.

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    From iOS15.
    There are how many diabetics around the world? A billion? If Apple Watch will have the ability to mesure blood glucose with or without an external hardware, then is about to do better the quality of life for millions users.
    Trust me I know ; )
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    The Series 3 should be retired. It no longer serves as a satisfying entry point to Apple Watch. Slow speed and much smaller screen don't adequately represent the performance and capability of Apple Watch today. I see the Apple soothsayers are again predicting flat-sides as they did for the Series 7... if at first you don't succeed?
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    Can't they at least make the battery life more practical?
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    omair said:
    Can't they at least make the battery life more practical?
    Nothing impractical about battery life any longer, which is easily more than enough to get through a full day. Just put the watch on the charger before you sleep--rinse and repeat. Want to wear your watch to bed to track your sleep and not sure you have enough juice? Eight minutes of charging gives you eight hours of sleep tracking. Forgot to charge your watch overnight? No problem. Throw it on the charger while you shower and you'll have an 80% charge in 45 minutes--enough to get you through the day. Traveling for days away from a power source? Plug your charging puck into any power bank, or buy one of the power banks that integrate a puck into the design. 
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    omair said:
    Can't they at least make the battery life more practical?

    They could.  But, that would involve abandoning its OLED screen and a number of other functions.
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    omair said:
    Can't they at least make the battery life more practical?
    I have the series 7 and don’t have any major problems with battery life. I throw it on the charger for an hour before bed, and 30 minutes before I leave for work. I started my shift at 11, I have an hour left and I still have 64% battery, more than enough to go out and do some things before I need to think about charging. 

    Currently, users just need to mind their brightness and consider turning off the Always On feature if they’re noticing the battery life struggling. I work in phone sales and am constantly demonstrating the benefits of my Watch and rarely need to worry about it getting through the shift. 
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