Apple's M1 Ultra combines two M1 Max into a powerhouse chip



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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    The name bothers me since “max” refers to umm being the “max”.

    should have been:
    M1 Pro
    M1 Ultra
    M1 Max

    He mentioned “one more thing” coming. I think they’ll call that the M1 Ultra Max!

    sirbryan said:
    The keynote also mentioned "the last" M1 chip in the lineup was Ultra.

    My bet is Mac Pro gets M2 (Max/Ultra) with each chip having 2 interconnects instead of one and perhaps 128GB per package, supporting quad/hex/octo configs within insane core counts.

    I believe he said there would be one last M1 chip coming which is assumed for the Max Pro.

    I wouldn’t doubt Apple at this point to create the M2 to be more powerful than the Ultra.  This team is crazy and I find it funny how they’ve turned chips into a new product announcement.

    sflocal said:
    Saving the quad for the pro eh? 

    M1 Extreme? 

    For the $4,000 STARTING price of the Studio, you’d think it would have a quad. 
    If you spec out an similar Intel variant, $4K is actually quite a bargain. 

    Once again, people shouting out "expensive" without doing a single shred of research on its closest competitor.

    Shhh… this is Apple. We call them “expensive” while disregarding quality and the competition, and let morons create memes about how everything Apple makes is overpriced. 
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