More expensive iPhone SE still expected to see strong demand because of 5G

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Despite costing a bit more more than its predecessor, the new iPhone SE is predicted to sell well around the world, where price-sensitive users have been waiting for 5G.

Apple's new iPhone SE, launched at the March 8 event, starts at $429 instead of the previous model's $399. It's only a $30 difference, or about a 7.5% increase, but it takes the phone over the significant $400 mark.

Counterpoint Research analysts describe the difference as "a slight surprise," but based on its sales data for the 2020 iPhone SE, doesn't expect it to make too great a difference over the long term.

"The A15 Bionic supports all current services and others to come for the foreseeable future, so they can run this device for years with only slight tweaks or upgrades," says Counterpoint research director Jeff Fieldhack in a statement. "And the higher starting price doesn't just mitigate short term risk, it gives [Apple] extra padding to drop prices tactically in tandem with new 5G launches and as the product ages."

The research firm claims that the 2020 iPhone SE accounted for 13% of iPhone sales during its launch year, and "continued to have fantastic longevity."

"Developed markets like Japan will be critical to the success of the new iPhone SE, where one-third of all 2020 SE models have been sold," said senior analyst Sujeong Lim, "and, of course, stalwarts like the US and China, which accounted for another third of unit sales, will be big drivers."

"But this time, we expect demand to open up more across other markets like Europe, SE Asia and Korea," she continued, "regions where many consumers stayed away because of the lack of 5G support."

Other analysts expect the iPhone SE to sell about 30 million units in its first year of availability. If true, this will make the 2022 iPhone SE the top-selling model in its family.

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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,878member
    30 millions iPhone SE 5G not attainable but possible because many entities to upgrade/give to employees like government,small businesses,health industry,low cost phone users will buy for it's price compare to rest of iPhones and android phones. There will be some switchers.
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    iOS_Guy80iOS_Guy80 Posts: 769member
    Compared to what the price of oil is doing to gas prices and commodities a $30 increase for a iPhone is a bargain.
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,084member
    Adjusted for inflation, the new SE is very slightly cheaper than the previous model, which was already a bargain. In USD, anyway.
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    psych_guypsych_guy Posts: 486member
    $150 off if you have the previous SE in good condition. So $279 on the Apple Card at 0% interest, payable monthly. 
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