Apple increases base model specs for $5,999 Intel Mac Pro

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Apple has bumped up the specifications of its base model Intel Mac Pro to include 512GB of internal storage and an AMD Radeon W5500X graphics card.

Mac Pro and MacBook Pro
Mac Pro and MacBook Pro

Despite the base spec bump, the Mac Pro still starts at its $5,999 starting price. Previously, the configuration in that price point has 256GB of storage and a Radeon Pro 580X graphics card.

The specification change comes a day after Apple released a new MPX model for the Mac Pro that made the Radeon Pro W6600X available to potential buyers and upgraders.

According to MacRumors, which first spotted the switch, the change applies to both the tower and rack-mounted versions of the Mac Pro.

Apple's Mac Pro tower was first released in 2019, after a long gap following the previous "coke can" model. During its "Peek Performance" event on Tuesday, Apple hinted that the Mac Pro would be the next Mac to get the Apple Silicon treatment.

Past rumors suggest that a new Mac Pro with an M-series chip could feature up to 40 processing cores and 128 graphics cores. That would be double Apple's current best, which is the M1 Ultra.

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