mini LED 11-inch iPad Pro isn't coming in 2022, claims analyst

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Analyst Ross Young claims that Apple will not launch a mini LED version of the 11-inch iPad Pro in 2022, because sales of the 12.9-inch model are doing "really well."

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Alongside maintaining that Apple is producing a "Studio Display Pro" with mini LED, analyst Ross Young says the firm has chosen to delay using the technology in the smaller iPad Pro.

Panel production has started for the new 27" MiniLED display to launch mid year. Assuming it will be called Studio Display Pro...I have insight on the 12.9" MiniLED iPad Pro as well. It is doing really well. They don't need to do one at 11". Don't expect it this year.

-- Ross Young (@DSCCRoss)

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed that mini LED would be in a 2022 refresh of the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young's belief is that the mini LED is a significant success with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Postponing using it in the 11-inch model would keep that element of the differentiation between the products.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo has now suggested that it's possible Apple will postpone all new mini LED devices until at least 2023, because of cost issues.

That would include both the 11-inch iPad Pro, and the rumored "Studio Display Pro."

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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,072member
    I am very worried Apple will discontinue this size in the Pro given the performance of the new 5th gen iPA.
    And I do want the proMotion display @120hz.  
    I guess I will just keep this trusty, although stagelit 10.5 a little longer and see what happens.
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    firelockfirelock Posts: 238member
    I resisted buying a 12.9” iPad Pro because I was worried that it would be too big and lose the portability and convenience factor that I like. However last year I finally decided to switch to the larger size and I’m glad that I did. The biggest advantage to the larger screen size is multitasking is finally practical. And it turns out that the larger size was nothing to fear as it is still very portable; in fact, I can’t imagine now how I used to get by with the smaller sized tablet.
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