Studio Display review roundup: From 'delightful' to 'unusable'



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    The Ars Technica review is quoted as:

    "If you are a general user who makes the occasional videos in iMovie, and does some light photo editing or other creative work, you'll enjoy the Studio Display," says the review, "but you can save a few dollars by going with a non-Apple display."

    OK, I'm fine with the premise. But exactly which non-Apple display is a competitor? Which 27" 5K UHD thunderbolt display with a comparable camera and speakers competes with this new Apple product? And how many is "a few dollars?"
    LG's (possibly soon discontinued as Apple dropped it) 5K display is really the only alternative. It doesn't have a webcam or speakers to compete, but it's also 3/4 the price.

    Not everybody wants a webcam or needs speakers* like that - it really depends on the use case.

    * I suspect a lot of professional editors are going to use monitors or professional headphones rather than Apple's speakers.

    The LG UltraFine 5K Display 27MD5KL has a webcam and speakers AND NO POWER BRICK.

    This one doesn't have a power brick either. The webcam and speakers are worse in the LG, for the record.
    Good news, my mistake about the power brick. Thought I had previously read there was one. As for the web cam and speaker, of course they are better but certainly not a reason, at least for me to upgrade.
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    "I’m sitting in front of a window. The webcam is just not very good, y’all." - The Verge
    Yeah dude sitting in front of a window will give you a flat image, the camera doesn't have any shadows to work with. This happens on all cameras.
    But then again, it may need a firmware update?
    Sounds to me like the reviewer needs a brainware update.
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