Apple rumored to be evaluating LG for foldable iPad, MacBook glass

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A sketchy report claims that LG Display is collaborating with Apple on the development of a foldable iPad and MacBook OLED screen that would use ultra-thin glass.

LG Display already has foldable covers it says are as hard as glass. Source: LG Display
LG Display already has foldable covers it says are as hard as glass. Source: LG Display

Perhaps backing up recent rumors of a foldable iPad/Mac hybrid, a new industry report briefly mentions a joint project between Apple and LG Display.

According to The Elec, LG Display is already working to supply 17-inch foldable notebook OLED panels to Hewlett Packard. It reportedly follows a similar foldable panel made for Lenovo in 2020.

Now, The Elec briefly adds, the company is in collaboration with Apple over a similar screen for what the publication describes only as tablets and notebooks. It doesn't directly mention iPads, or MacBooks, nor what versions of those this could be fore.

There is also no further detail about the display, except that it would use ultra-thin glass instead of the more regular polyimide high-performance plastic.

Although brief, the report may also fit in with a recent claim from analyst Ross Young, that Apple wants to develop a foldable 20-inch notebook.

Young believes such a device may be aimed at anywhere from 2025 to 2027. Young's Display Supply Chain Consultants firm also most recently estimated 2025 as the earliest date for an iPhone Fold.

The The Elec has a reasonable reputation for information gleaned from within Apple's supply chain. Its track record on specifics or assumptions about future products is much poorer.

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    OMG. Don’t tell me  fell behind on screentech innovation. Can’t hear it
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    Is this an April Fool's story?
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    thttht Posts: 5,499member
    Bring it!

    Would love to replace my MBP with one. Can't have creases when unfolded though. 
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    applguyapplguy Posts: 235member
    Honestly I’d be more surprised (and concerned) if Apple wasn’t researching and testing next generation technology. To be at the cutting edge of technology you have know everything about what is available today while continuing to look at future consumer needs. 
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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 934member
    Though for iPhone Foldable=double the thickness. SO no thank you. 

    A maybe on the iPad. 
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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,977member
    Is this an April Fool's story?
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