Apple's iPhone 13 selling better than past lineups -- with one exception



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    tshapitshapi Posts: 369member
    Apple will move away from iPhone to Apple glass. retrogusto said:
    I’m hoping that at a certain point when they start feeling like most of the technologies have reached a sufficient level of maturity they will refocus their efforts towards making the high-end phones sleeker again. If they could make something the size of an iPhone 6 but with a full-face screen and high-end everything, I think it would blow a lot of minds. People have forgotten how thin, light and elegant that thing was. There will always be those who must have a bigger screen, but one-handed operability is a killer feature for me.

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    i have a feeling it will be generations of humanity before "wearables" have even a small chance of outpacing a pocket-sized device.

    there are too many of us that do not want to continually participate in an augmented reality, but still enjoy the benefits of having a connected device within close reach.
    as i walk around in public & see how distracted & disjointed modern masses are with simple headphones & devices (not to mention hair curlers, shavers & breakfasts behind the wheel) i can only imagine the negative effects of splitting our brain's attention even more with AR. 

    If i remember correctly, now ill go find the research, current neuro believes the human brain actually cannot multitask, rather it flits attention from one thing to the next when needed. hence the deadly downside of "distracted <insert other activity>"
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